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(Project with @securas)

SpaceScape is a hardcore roguelite platformer in which the player has to either escape the space prison or rise to the challenge and become the ruler of his cell block.


. 2 enemies and 1 special BIG enemy.

. Upgrades and new weapons to help you on your quest for freedom.

. Your name on the leaderboard with the best score of the room.

. Fast pace action that requires a learning curve. 

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsExilecast, securas
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Pixel Art, Roguelite, Space


SpaceScape.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

After downloading the game, unpack the game and launch the .exe file.


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stuck at here

Thanks again for the feedback.

If you still want to try the game, please, download the file again. :)


I somehow made it by smashing the keyboard.....

ahaha. Well, I'm glad that it worked out, and hopefully, your keyboard is still rocking.

control doesn't work

May I ask what controller are you using? I used an xbox 360 and a PS5 controller and both worked.


i loved it! its amazing!!!!! (*^-^*)

Thank you uwu


Nice art style! But this game is WAY too hard for me. I knew it will be for the first time but I didn't expect it to be THIS hard. I don't know how to win and I WON"T check it myseft lol. Anyway nice game. Can wait to play more game with this style but easier ;)

Thank you! :)


It's pretty nice. Took a couple of hours to 100% percent because I'm bad lol. My only complaint would be that in order to beat some of SAM's Highscores you need a boss enemy to spawn, which is apparently pure RNG, but other than that it is pretty neat.


ah so you are the one who beat all my scores haha time to take them back ;) and i was suprised to see all my highscores gone, thought those with boss spawn where safe but apparently i was wrong ^^


Great Graphics, very solid gameplay, I need to practice more because I am bad at it lol, but congrats on the game release, overall an awesome game.


Thanks a bunch, Gendgi! :D


Really polished and I love the art style and soundtrack!

Thank you! :)


Your game is truly amazing! It's so polished and fun to play. The mechanic that allows player to attack while sticking to the wall is soooo cool! Also I really liked the art and music and want to note that the game itself is way more polished than expected from a game gam. I hope you will make more games as amazing as this one in the future!

Thanks a bunch! :)


Nice game! Good for someone that want a hard but fun adventure.

Thank you! :)